Where i am And What i'm doing!

So i've been absent for like a Million years! And i'm super sorry about that, but the Awesome thing is that i've grown in my work, gained confidence and increased determination. After just seeking more of Jesus in my life, i've now got to the point of knowing that i can do anything and everything plus increased passion for illustration has been birthed in my heart!

This blog will always be special because its where i started, i put everything into building it up - And now i'm starting Over & i'm, as we speak, building myself a new place to splash paint! This time in my new confidence and excitement - and i believe it'll be an even Greater Success and enjoyment for others and myself, Which will have even more attitude of 'Never giving up' and 'Keep moving Forward'.

So while Facebook has been the place i've been hiding in, i have not forgotten the place that began it all.

Fresh Start, Fresh Vision, Fresh Air. . .

Oh and thanks to EVERYONE who's followed/following me!! I dig you being Fans, encouraging and Writing me messages;)

The place to be: Nastasha's Illustrations

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Bless ya Peeps!;)

Hungry for some DIY?

I've been looking around at the Pretty Blog and Noticed there Awesome DIY page. Fell in love with how easy and fun they are. And some come with, Free Printable as well! So on a day where i really feel like making something, i'll be trying some of these. . 

So for all you DIY hungry people out there, 
Here are some links that should fill you up:)

Fridge Poetry

Time to get Organised

And here's a Little Office STUDIO inspiration for all the Artists who are wanting to get neat and organized! ( And show off all your Awesome things)  

{Want to see more? Head on over to The Pretty Blog! }


Me in my New improved 'Studio'

Best friends enjoying each others company:

My latest done illustration: Been working on sketching so much more though. Its chill time and sketching is best for that. Mr cow in the corner is peeking out from under his day time snooze catching a scene of his best friend trying to balance an apple on his head:) Still working on my portfolio and such but excited to say that my book case will slowly be coming up, because i so badly need one. If only you knew how many books i have! And I'm only going to just be adding more to it. 

Looking forward to adding some Alice In Wonderland illustrations here too. I'm not one for too many words, but I'm real excited to get going with it:)

A Fluffy Character!

Updates from my Sketching HIBERNATION:

Which is doing me a lot of Good.  

More to come! 
What do you think? 

Going into. . .

A sketching HIBERNATION!
See you soon with new and exciting work:D


Just ordered Oliver Jeffers LOST & FOUND!

I just ordered a Book by Oliver Jeffers called Lost & Found

I cant wait for it to arrive so i can pick it up! :)

Spider Sketching for my Studies:

 So while trying to draw scary: I made up this image of a spider balancing or, trying to balance, on a ball.

Staring spider: Getting the eyes right.

Assignment requires me to draw something scary- I for one am the cute and cuddly type, Haha. Definitely feel the challenge of doing something like this. 
Came up with a scary clown spider, i was like i'm so going to draw some Cute spider clowns soon! This has to be just black n white, which i want to do in Ink. 

How to add scary to a picture, any advice on that? 

Progress to come! x

Reference Photo's i used:

1# on my 2012 list

For 2012 one thing came to mind one day, And that was to buy Children's picture Books, reason being was to  support artists who illustrate books. To me thats pretty important seeing as though we're in this line of work, we ought to support and encourage one another. 

And upon thinking about it, i thought, i dont just want to buy any old book but i want it to benefit me (there are thousands of them out there), a book i can learn from or one that just catches my attention 

AND most importantly for the love of them - If any one knows, i absolutely Love books. You have no idea how excited i get to see drawings in books: It gets me every time. As i sit there paging through, i Widen my eyes and laugh, stare and shake my head in Wowness. . And more but lets not go there, Haha. 

Book art is incredible and i my honest opinion genius, because number one its incredibly difficult, to portray the emotions of your imagination & make them come to life by putting them on a single piece of paper. Dont get me wrong, i believe anyone with a passion for something can get far & i urge you to never give up: I'm just taking my hat of to those who are have gotten far, worked hard are amazing at what they do. 

 Ok so today i bought my second children's picture book: Not the one i was hoping to get but it caught my attention and fancied how ridiculously great these exaggerated illustrations are. The monkey: very South Africany- so i think i caught on the humor. Some people might not see this book as for Kids, although it could be for the Older audience but i see a strong lesson behind it: being, you shouldn't point fingers at other people but look at yourself because no ones perfect.  Well enough from me here's:

And i'll be posting whenever i get a new one:) 
Look forward to it. 


Messenger: Christmas E-book

A message to you For Christmas!

The coming of my first e-Book:)
An amazing time of year to be releasing it and i am more than Ecstatic to be sharing it with you!

A picture from my e-book: Will be revealing more on my book soon:) 

 ©nastasha's Illustrations

blessings this festive season♥