Illustrations: the Beginning

I literally go around knowing that everything is going to turn out fine, although this year has been the Most challenging of all. Firstly because I abandoned 'things' to peruse what i most deeply wanted to do. . . and if you didn't already figure it out, an Illustrator. Yes, so I set on a journey not knowing where i was going to end up but following my heart and hoping that it would lead me to greater opportunities along the way. . Let me say one thing, before those opportunities got good, they were extremely bad at first. As with everything in life. . But the secret is to: obviously Never give up! And of course have some Faith.

I might not make alot of sense now but later on I should. .

I'm off track again. . Where was I, oh yes. . So I thought I'd share how I got to Here before i got to Why I'm here.
Now for the Why I'm here part- I'm here because I kind of Have to be here. . To get known, to have a face or page, whatever you'd like to call it, in this world. Quite a beautiful one that is. . I'm just dying to see where this part is going to lead me

Now I merely sit and Hope that this too will end up well. . And if not, so be it. Definitely fills you with some excitement. This will be one of many. . If you'd like to say something, please don't hesitate.

I admire many Illustrators: Jim Harris, Tom Percival, Jon Burgerman . . and ALL people that can illustrate brilliantly. .  You have inspired me and motivated me to keep on trying. So, Thanks alot. =]
To Chris Riddell-Huge Huge Huge Fan!! One of my very First books that had your illustrations in was: Corby Flood. . From then on i started collecting the Far-Flung Adventures and Edge chronicles and then Ottoline and the Yellow cat and Ottoline goes to school . You were my very first Favorite artist and have seriously inspired me! Thanks =]

I like to draw in the moment stuff. Mostly free hand sketches. . Of my family- I drill them to be my models. . Sometimes. Anything thats around me, I'm pretty interested in. . But of course, I draw things that I like. I try to keep my work very Original [As in Unique]. .

I have another Blog [same name as this one ] where I show off some work. I'm trying to get it noticed. .
So if you'd like to check it out- Please do

I have some projects to finish doing, So I best get back to that

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