Sketches from my sketching HIBERNATION: Seeing big improvements in my sketches, as well in my lines and shading:)

Sketching: A Fluffy character.

Origami present that i made for my Friend:) She loved it. 
Aug 2011
- Mouse - Getting the fur right

- Studying HEDGEHOGS - 

Just Animal sketches

Aug 2011
OWL Study 

Aug 2011
OWL Study

Harvest Mice! study & a little sketch of a farmer mouse character.
Mushroom sketch. 
Something i did while studying them. 
There is something about them that is just so Amazing! And i didn't even know that there are so many different kinds. Gave my Library book back but i really want to get another one on Mushrooms. They are super interesting. 
Another Tester:)
Getting good at folding them now. 
Bought some coloured (hardish) paper and some goodies to stick onto it. 
I'm going to make two 'professional' ones and give a theme for each one. I don't just want to stick things on it, i want to put my illustrations on it too. Make it personal and unique:)

'Make your own Gift Box'
  This is just a tester, so there's no Pretty paper or anything like that. 
Thankfully not, it took me a couple of times to actually get it. 
I would like to use it for Birthday presents or Mother's Days etc And personalize each one:)

June 2011

Studies of Mushrooms that i am doing. Just experimenting. .
I think studies are becoming a favourite:)
I like the whole messy, free and all over the place sketching.
They are really so much fun to do:)


 Banana that i ate this morning, was so Fresh:)

June 2011
Mom has a cookie jar that she fills up when she bakes biscuits. 
It was Full, my sisters ate them all:)
April 2011

Dogs bed that they sleep in. They have their own little blanket,
but pup is getting big and. . i think its time we get another bed for them:)