Still life Strandfontein♥

Our first holiday in a LONG time. . It was one of the best 4 hour drives of my life! We encountered Beautiful scenery, Breath taking sunsets and vast opaque fog. . Plus when we left the moon was a flaw less Full. How magnificent it looked. . Just sitting there, watching us 

We arrived there and it was a bit chilly but as the day progressed, it became amazingly warm. . Worst part was we all packed warm clothes, Well, my sisters seemed to have brought a pair of shorts with. . Luckily. 

We were surrounded by Sea, while asleep you could hear the waves crashing on the shore. . There was little to no people, it was SO peaceful. It could give any big thinker calamity to their thoughts. 

The kids played on the beach day in to day out- They were strapped to it. And so i had asked them to please find me some rare or interesting objects that they found. Surprisingly they brought some marvelous treasures. . Well, at least to me they were =] 

With my still life in front  on me, the smell of the ocean, the enormous energetic view. . I began to capture the decedents of the seas. 

 There they were all on the beach looking at the ground for some or other eye catching item that they liked. Then strung it on their line. . Afterwards coming back and showing everyone what they had done- It was beautiful.

We all didn't want to part with this nature. . It was one with us and us one with it. 
I knew that Thats where you find your peace. . Admiring, being surrounded, engrossed by and with Gods creation

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