The Other Side of Me. . Poetry♥

They’ll never understand our love

Our love is like a cloudless evening
 Becoming one with the endless ceiling

Its seeping goodness enlightens
The very stars that brighten

This wish would last a lifetime
Every step a gentle dance
You breathe a dazzling chime
Your beauty at full trance

Overpowered by your smile
Eyes of humble supreme-
Making every moment worthwhile
I watch you as they beam

Our love is like a cloudless evening
Its darkness radiates on our beginning
For everyday be it just us two
For the longer I get to be you. . .

My love will surface-
To see the flawless
Radiant, Graciousness-
Of your flourishing innermost beauty. .
My Empress

x nasii x

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  1. wow this is really amazing! you are really going to inspire people. Great stuff nastasha
    from ????????

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  3. Its not who you think it is!

  4. maybe i should tell you who this is..........NAH ITS COOL LOL