Bet you Didn't know I Love to Cook♥

Here's something i made Today♥ How this Famous* recipe i made got put together was when i was wanting to make something, and i love to just throw a bunch of stuff together and see how it tastes. It was some time ago, now i just keep adding different flavours and maybe putting in an extra ingredient or two.

What is SO Awesome about this dish is that its Extremely versatile- It can be for vegetarians [just keep it as is] or for the Meat eaters [ just throw in chicken pieces]

* To me it probably will be, or maybe it was already thought up. . I dont like to use cook books. So I'm not guilty =]

I do, however, like to watch my mom cook♥

This is carrots in cinnamon [the way my mom does it] And i just added potatoes♥

And this is my Amazing Dish- Tadaaa!

There's no meat in this one, i really like it with chicken - But its Friday and Friday is fish day♥

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