HUGE Make Over

 So, my blog had a Really Really Big make over =] I'm so happy, been dying to change it and tried so many things~ So i gave it another go and Tadaaa!

I feel like its more of my blog now than it ever was♥ Thiis iis Me. . Hehe

Well, let me know what you think?

And the Background is a character of mine [if you were wondering] Hehe
Finally dressed Him in colour =]


  1. Nasii I love what you have done on your blog! :) Love the background! :)It's cute and fun and displays your illustration in a creative way! Keep up the great work! God has truly Blessed you with an amazing talent! You are awesome! :) Love & hugs, Claudia

  2. WoW WoW Wow... I noticed your "hits" jumped by a few hundred:)
    Mrs James;)

  3. The little creature on your background page looks very similar to my husband...
    Mrs James ;)

  4. Thanks so much Claudia, I appreciate all your encouragement and involvement in my work!

    Haha! I know, i was like Woaw (o.0. . Awesome! Thanks also Mrs James for being on this journey with me:)