Little Owls Singing Christmas Carols!

Was quite nervous going into the christmas theme, as i was looking for something different but old fashioned at the same time but i couldn't resist. I always thought that door to door carol singing was So sweet! 

Hark the Herald Angel sing. .  Glory to the new born King! 
I'm so ready for Christmas!


  1. I love an old school, vintage, old fashioned style Christmas! Love this piece! :) I think the carol singers are super cute and love the music notes, you really are improving every time! This will always be one of my favourites, just because I LOVE Christmas.... GLORY TO THE NEW BORN KING! :) Love & hugs, Claudia

  2. Thank you! Yippee, So glad you like this piece =] I've been trying alot of new things lately. Hey, if you want to use this for a Christmas Card or something You may =]

  3. Hey Nasii absolutely love your christmas owls!! you are getting better and better everytime you post a new picture!Your characters are absolutely adorable!!! xxx