More Sketching:)

This is something i did today, Think it was worth the wait:) Drawing Children was something i wanted and still want to get good at. Well this is progress, i got right to the shoulders!:) Lol
Its all about dedicating some time into studying and Trying and Trying and Never giving up!
God's given me this Talent, i Believe that i could get Good, but its not just going to come into life by dreaming it up. . . Don't get Discouraged, Do something about it. 
God has given us all the things we need to achieve it (God is so Good), all we have to do is Believe it and not give up, He will do the rest. If it is His will♥ 


  1. Cute! Your seal below is also lovely!

  2. Your work's wonderful! Keep listening to God!

  3. Thank you Missy :) Thanks Penelope, i definitely will♥