Mylittle Creative&Handson project :)

----Took this little jar from out the bin this morning {Love collecting jars!, so i couldnt resist} 
- Still smells of Vanilla essence:) Mmm
Scrubbed off the label and kept it in my room. I've had these little sticks for a while and wanted to make a little heart fishing line hanging from them But once i put these sticks, just for fun, in them i was like Yay!! This could work- then after adding a little ribbon {its a really differnt kind of ribbon} it gave it so much more {i got more excited:)}. I couldnt wait to add my fishing line to it which is just cotton and a heart painted and cut out from school hair clips! Haha - i'll soon be adding the heart on the other stick, was just waiting for the paint to dry---

Great start to my first DIY!!
Be sure to keep watching out for new things:)

Would love to hear from you♥

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  1. I am loving this Nasii! You would've loved Kamersvol Geskenke! Lots of inspiration and ideas for you! :) Love & hugs, Claudia :)