My Kiwi

She's so beautiful:) 
She has THE most amazing colour on her chest, its like a limy green. 
Haha, and she likes to burrow, like in little holes or under things - So when i let her out i wrap her in a top and hold her and she just sits there like a little puppy, warm and cosy:)

LOVE Birds♥


  1. Why do you think that Kiwi - is she? Look at Kiwi`s nose. It is blue consistent color. I see a boy.

  2. Haha, I saw that too but thats what the lady at the shop told me when i bought her. Going to look it up i found that due to alot of mutilation with the budgies the females beaks can look like that:) I still dont know, but i'll wait till she grows up.