1# on my 2012 list

For 2012 one thing came to mind one day, And that was to buy Children's picture Books, reason being was to  support artists who illustrate books. To me thats pretty important seeing as though we're in this line of work, we ought to support and encourage one another. 

And upon thinking about it, i thought, i dont just want to buy any old book but i want it to benefit me (there are thousands of them out there), a book i can learn from or one that just catches my attention 

AND most importantly for the love of them - If any one knows, i absolutely Love books. You have no idea how excited i get to see drawings in books: It gets me every time. As i sit there paging through, i Widen my eyes and laugh, stare and shake my head in Wowness. . And more but lets not go there, Haha. 

Book art is incredible and i my honest opinion genius, because number one its incredibly difficult, to portray the emotions of your imagination & make them come to life by putting them on a single piece of paper. Dont get me wrong, i believe anyone with a passion for something can get far & i urge you to never give up: I'm just taking my hat of to those who are have gotten far, worked hard are amazing at what they do. 

 Ok so today i bought my second children's picture book: Not the one i was hoping to get but it caught my attention and fancied how ridiculously great these exaggerated illustrations are. The monkey: very South Africany- so i think i caught on the humor. Some people might not see this book as for Kids, although it could be for the Older audience but i see a strong lesson behind it: being, you shouldn't point fingers at other people but look at yourself because no ones perfect.  Well enough from me here's:

And i'll be posting whenever i get a new one:) 
Look forward to it. 


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