Where i am And What i'm doing!

So i've been absent for like a Million years! And i'm super sorry about that, but the Awesome thing is that i've grown in my work, gained confidence and increased determination. After just seeking more of Jesus in my life, i've now got to the point of knowing that i can do anything and everything plus increased passion for illustration has been birthed in my heart!

This blog will always be special because its where i started, i put everything into building it up - And now i'm starting Over & i'm, as we speak, building myself a new place to splash paint! This time in my new confidence and excitement - and i believe it'll be an even Greater Success and enjoyment for others and myself, Which will have even more attitude of 'Never giving up' and 'Keep moving Forward'.

So while Facebook has been the place i've been hiding in, i have not forgotten the place that began it all.

Fresh Start, Fresh Vision, Fresh Air. . .

Oh and thanks to EVERYONE who's followed/following me!! I dig you being Fans, encouraging and Writing me messages;)

The place to be: Nastasha's Illustrations

- Click on the link above and keep posted on when my New Blog'll be up, my latest work etc!

Bless ya Peeps!;)


  1. Hey love your blog is looking amazing! cant wait to see your book :)

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