From Gills to Tails

I have a thing for drawing Fish people. . Maybe its because my family has a fisheries or the fact that its part of our nationality. . What ever the reason may be, i cant help but enjoy doing it.

They absolutely fascinate me, their figures, gentle gestures, free flowing nature. .

They are transferal and beauty in one. . And that's where the birth of my fish creatures began.
On a day where i thought i'd go and look up on fishes. Just to see how they looked and their texture and different shapes. . Am i glad that i did that =] It led from an inspiration to a creation. .

The girl fish is a Doodle i did while watching Tv- I'd like to re do it and make is better. i think she has the potential to be something exciting =]

The boy in the fish costume was a doodle and i ended up roughly finishing it. .

Then i wanted to explore some more and so i discovered a Marine being [ Still haven't decided on what to name her ] - She's not done yet But its how i'd like them to look. 

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