So much Passion. .

My mother is by far the best cook in the world! She makes things that are outstanding. . 

And she does it all for love. . She just loves to make and bake delicious Food for the family. Even without their permission =]
I really want to show the world what she can do. God has blessed her with Amazing hands! And i thank Him everyday for giving me such an Awesome mother.
She did take home economics when she was in School but along the way has taught herself tricks here and there and has shown that with discipline and perseverance and a heart of gold- That she can acomplish anything!
I believe that she can become Great- She has proved it by making dishes I thaught were tough, long and hard

Her dream is to take a culinary course and hopefully open up her own coffee shop. I hope to try and make that dream for her some true. She deserves it. . 

Plus, that means more yummy food for us, Haha =]

She gets so excited when finishing or starting a dish or desert - Its quite funny actually. 
She still asks us today- 'How was the food? Good?' 

And obviously the outcome is always Great. 
Then she has a huge smile that spreads across her face When she knows that we enjoyed it.

This is a Swiss roll that she made this morning- It looks absolutely mouth watering!

PS I want her to start her own blog

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