My very first Finished Illustration!

So i had something in mind. . While father's day was coming the Fifa World cup was on.

A Fifa world cup inspired fathers day card was perfect!

It took me a while to get to the end result as my intention was to draw a man [Being my dad] Blowing a vuvuzela and having the words 'Happy Fathers Day' been blown out from it

One thing changed though. . The man that i was supposed to draw gradually transformed into a Lion. 

It wasn't my fault-  i figured if the picture wants to be this way then. . Let it be =]

And so it was. 

Truth is: I havent given it to him and Fathers day is long gone
I felt real bad, But i had no pritt. . And still dont!

So i think i'm going to give it to him next Fathers day. . 
Show him the effort that i put in [ to prove that i actually made him a card ] Then tell him i'll give it to him next Fathers day =]

I really do like the way my mind works.

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