a fresh start all because of a Budgie

Yup, I've recently got a new addition to my room a Baby Budgie. . He is SO Beautiful and has brought on alot of Inspiration. I had to do research on him . .I did speak to the shop owner but i wanted to know more. They are Super intelligent and you can Train them which was a huge YIPPEE! for me. He has gotten used to his new home and i went to get him his Cage and some Toys today! He so active and does the funniest things, Hope that i can catch a quick sketch of it.

These past days. .

1# I've done a lot of thinking 
2# spent some time with my pencil and ink pens
3# Learning as much as possible
4#  Practicing
5#  Sketching my latest project
6# Exploring
7# Making lists

Also. . .

1# I've been taking Library books out to study Animals
2# I've Built up a good reference wall in my room
3# Digging through magazines to add to reference

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like baby budgie has been a good influence on you! :)
    Does baby budgie have a "name" ? :)
    Looks like you have been pretty busy these past few days, its super cool that you have been learning, sketching, exploring and studying baby animals, its really great you building up a reference too! :) Well done!
    Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing all your new projects and exciting stories about "baby budgie" :) Love & hugs :)