IF: Swept

This is for Illustration Friday this week. Sorry that i only managed to get a sketch in. It lead to a Great idea, i can tell you that:) I've just had so much things happening, well, ideas and studies. This took me a while, i'm happy with the it and excited that the view on this picture is different to the rest. Just not entirely sure on his expression, he looks abit angry and thats Not what i was going for:) Would like to hear your view on his expression.
I really want to upgrade my portfolio:) This is just the Beginning

Oh, and please go check out my ItchingIdeas/SketchStudies page:) There are some Great things on there that i will be liking to do in the future & soon and you can see my sketches and studies.
Thank you♥


  1. Nasii..this is a wonderful composition! The movement is great and your character is very well-defined. I think you are right (if I may say so) that he looks a bit angry, but if that's not what you intended, perhaps a tiny upswept curve to his mouth, or perhaps a softened brow may do the trick? What a wonderful blog you have!! And your recent posts are lovely. Thank you SO very much for your kind visit recently!!

  2. Yes, please! I really Appreciate your honesty:) Thanks for the very helpful tips, will be trying that definitely:) Thank you for visiting and having a look around:) You're welcome, always enjoy seeing your work!