Project sketches: Bird in Colour ♥

This is my bird so far, i'm real happy with the how the colours came out etc Just thinking of the book, cant make out what it says Haha! & it does say something. Have to do something about that. This is a project & well, sometimes you gotta do things you haven't done before:) As you can see from all my other work that i use INK with everything, i think its just that book that i did that wasn't. .But there was something about this assignment that got me thinking. .

i really think its how free you let your hand be. You basically throwing little pieces of who you are out on your pages. . although its what i personally think. . it sounds pretty awesome. 
Look i got up nice & early to get finished with it:) 
Its been a blast! No pressure, just fresh lines & paint 

but from your perspective what do you think? 
Is there any areas that i should or can touch up on?

Its raining here & the winds going crazy but its a Beautiful day! #Blessed
Hope you're having one to:)

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